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  • n. kerosene.
  • n. A type of wooden drinking vessel produced by the Incas.


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Abbreviation of kerosene.


  • "There was an accelerant type smell, like" kero ", or a diesel fuel sort of smell.

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  • 'This chief, this Tummasook, hath a copper kettle, likewise a kero-sene can.'


  • As a normal thing, when he lost heat through the slow process of radiation-and a trifle through kero foam lined bootsoles-the latter demand was much the greater.

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  • It also means I know who is crossing the supposedly impassable mountain range and why and how that range can exist, and where the kero for lamps comes from, and...

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  • Just think Hello Kitty, Kero-kero-pi, etc., and you get the picture.

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  • When Tetsuo Akinaga entered one of a dozen apartments he kept for himself throughout Tokyo, the first thing he did was strip off his $3,500 imported suit-in fact, all his clothes-and, piling them into the kitchen sink, poured kero - sene over them and lit a match.

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  • "While not sufficient to fully offset jet kero's recent rise, industry operating profits are expected to decline by no more than 12% in 2011," Baker said. - Top Stories

  • According to the captain of the fuel boat MV Mother Ganga, Komal Persaud, it was "pumping out kero to the gas station when the pump stop working."

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  • OR another JNCO brings me a rifle, 'the trigger dont work mate' hmmmmm, upon further inspection it would appear that the orange colour inside the TMH is rust, so bad in fact that it had to be left overnight in a kero bath. cate of fosters = happy me, very happy JNCO not getting hammered by his CSM

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  • It was mainly kero to the rear as I recall so probably little real and imminent risk.

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