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  • Not that having a "kessel-type" is a bad thing, but I don't see him as the 2nd coming.

    NHL season preview

  • The hares were shot in cold weather, after the snow was on the ground, by walking in line of ten or fifteen beaters with two or three guns at intervals along the line and later, when the hares were very wild and the weather very cold, by what is called by the Germans "kessel-jagd" or kettle-hunt.

    Face to Face with Kaiserism

  • … Not the Kessel of Boston: Boston used kessel in a completely differnt system. - Home Page

  • The news that Raoul Moat shot himself when cornered in a kessel is still 'breaking'.

    The Coffee House | Politics and News Discussion Forum

  • Report Abuse what we learned, Friday edition: pathetic leaf fans will take pride in practically anything that results in them not facing the reality of how bad their team is and will be for the next 3-4 years. ill meet you lot at Yonge and Dundas for the post Hab victory parade! go LEAFS go! ps. i would tottaalllly make that kessel trade today if i were Burkie. in a heartbeat.

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  • Report Abuse wow fetus enchiladas. i was laughing a little bit at your phil kessel comment. but then you crossed a line with the konstantinov comment. i am not a red wings fan what so ever, but that was uncalled for man. i really hope you were joking. and even if you were, it was in poor taste.

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  • Report Abuse this has nothing to do with anything aside from CC's mention of phil kessel ... even after he had surgery for prostate cancer, he still has more ball (s) than anyone on the leafs roster right now. on to more important issues ... i've been trying to find a free wheelchair somewhere, can anybody help me out?

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  • Luccic brings toughness and offensive skills that are inproving every year. the only thing kessel brings is goals.

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  • If Mandelson does guide Labour to Victory next year he has sent the Police plans for their new Helmet (Health & Safety - Time to phase out the pointed one ...) to be fair the empire won't mess around when confronted with a bunch of chavs off to the kessel space mines with them.

    Army Rumour Service

  • Ding ding, the post-original movies explanation was that the run to kessel involves passing a cluster of supermassive blackholes where the goal to avoid detection as a smuggler was to trim the trip as close to the event horizon as possible without falling past the horizon. - most clicked links


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