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  • A chain fastened at one end to the cheek of a gun-carriage and at the other to the key, to prevent its loss. See cut under gun-carriage.


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  • Everyone knows about the average coin collector, key-chain -, piggy-bank - or Barbie doll-collector for example.

    SciFi, Fantasy & Horror Collectibles - Part 1001

  • Bloomberg News Art Coviello, RSA's executive chairman Those products include tokens, which can be the size of a credit card or key-chain fob, that are used by employees to access corporate computer networks.

    Questions Over Break-In at Security Firm RSA

  • His cap, his key-chain—none of his possessions had provided comfort—only more pain.

    Chicken Soup for the Soul: Grieving and Recovery

  • Or, as Erik the attorney put it, lounging against a weathered wooden crate, proudly twirling his chunky key-chain, with a little shrug, and a twinkle:

    Archive 2009-01-01

  • She reached for her backpack, still flustered, her fingers fumbling for the heart-shaped silver key-chain watch.


  • Her eyes narrowed, following the trail of glitter that led up to her heart-shaped key-chain watch.


  • At first she saw white, then blurred color, then Roy's key-chain, a little bronze hedge-trimmer, dangling near her nose.

    s Vacation

  • A small key-chain magnet device is used to turn it on or off and adjust the volume; it can be left on all the time unless you want to, say, tune out a snoring spouse.

    Unseen Hearing Aid Sounds Good to Some

  • And when I looked deeper to see what Joe Wilson had done over the last seven years, I found little more than photo-ops, his trademark key-chain souvenirs, and empty promises.

    Rob Miller: Why I'm Running for Congress in South Carolina

  • To solve that problem, I have a key-chain thingy that looks like a hedgehog!

    It's a bunny in disguise


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