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  • n. In the organ and the pianoforte, the board underneath and supporting the keys. See cut under pianoforte.


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  • Baize; green, blue, and brown Upper surface of key-frame, cushions for hammers to fall on, to damp dead part of strings, &c.

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 20, No. 117, July, 1867.

  • • Samples of key-frame and/or mocap animation sequences (online preferred) • Samples of traditional fine art skills (sketchbook drawings, paintings, etc.) are encouraged, but not required

    Gamasutra Feature Articles

  • · Animated deformers (Lattice, Curve) · 'Ipo' system integrates both motion curve and traditional key-frame editing

    Softpedia - Windows - All

  • Blender is also a 3-D animation program, supporting rigging, skinning, armature deformation, forward and inverse kinematics, motion curve and key-frame editing, and more.

    LXer Linux News

  • Still being worked on for the PiTiVi video effects support is seeking, drag 'n drop to the effects list, key-frame based effect configuration, and saving/opening projects containing effects.


  • We realized that in a comic book you can have one key-frame where it's a guy, drunk, but in a movie, that's gotta be a big scene and it's gotta be addressed. - Latest Stories

  • Flash CS5 - How do I get a faint version of my drawing after a new key-frame?

    Yahoo! Answers: Latest Questions

  • 'Ipo' system integrates both motion curve and traditional key-frame editing

    Wil's Ebay E-Store

  • Obviously it would have to do away with the conventional key-frame / motion encoding we use currently, since it can't have a buffer (huge lag) so that would mean every frame has to be sent individually wouldn't it?

    Latest from PALGN

  • Performance when scratching and jumping in the video is excellent because every frame is a key-frame.

    Create Digital Motion


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