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  • n. A code that represents a keypress.
  • n. A code that serves to unlock something, such as an electronic door or a car stereo (as an antitheft measure).


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key +‎ code


  • The winner will receive a "keycode" unlocking the software for all platforms.


  • McNeil shouldered it open and, guns drawn, they swept in and down the narrow, carpeted hallway to the second door with the keycode.


  • They followed her through a door marked employees only, down a narrow, carpeted hallway to another door with a keycode, through that door and down a flight of stairs to a bleak, gray, wide concrete corridor and up to a steel-reinforced door with a biometric lock.


  • Reaching the bottom of the stairs, Erin tapped in her keycode to unlock the enormous steel doors there.

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  • I got a batch of mail sent to me from Scotland in a box, including a thumb-sized keycode device that generates a different code every sixty seconds that I need in order to be able to access one of my online bank accounts.

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  • She hurried up to the doors and punched in the keycode, automatically reciting the Bible verse in her head.

    Music to My Sorrow

  • I struck out for the nearest door, punched in the provided keycode (again, for security) and was greeted by 4 enormous tanks of Nitrogen.

    truckeratlas Diary Entry

  • One small example of xmodmap is the following command, which will make the "Del" key on the right hand keypad of a Sun (keycode 57) perform the function of the "Cut/L10" key ( "F20"): xmodmap - e keycode 57 + F20

    Sex, Lies, and Sociology

  • In the parking garage, she tosses her bag and coat into her little car, enters the keycode for getting rolling, pulls it out of the parking space and onto the painted blue stripe that marks the guide track, and flips it to automatic to take her home.

    Mother Of Storms

  • Pressing/keycode 108 = (keysym 0xffea, Alt_R), state = 0x10 keycode 61 = (keysym 0x2f, slash), state = 0x18 keycode 108 = (keysym 0xffea, Alt_R), state = 0x18 keycode 61 = (keysym 0x2f, slash), state = 0x10

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