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  • n. An input device whose few keys can be pressed in many combinations, often simultaneously, to enter different commands or characters.
  • n. A set of keys (unique identifiers) used to distinguish the rows of data being traversed by a cursor.
  • n. A collection of keys on a typewriter or keyboard.


key +‎ set (Wiktionary)


  • When you open a form or a datasheet that is bound to a linked SQL Server table, you are loading a dynaset recordset, which is also known as a keyset cursor.

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  • Keyset Cursors: A keyset cursor (also called a keyset-driven cursor) is a mix between a static cursor and a dynamic cursor.

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  • WoW: WotLK keyset which is the option you'll want if you've already got a Zboard keyboard.

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  • There are four types of cursors: static, dynamic, keyset, and forward-only.

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  • Dynamic, static, and keyset cursors default to the SCROLL behavior.

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  • Due to the nature of keyset cursors, it is still possible for other user's changes to data associated with the cursor and its members to be reflected in the fetch of any given row.

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  • The new keyboard gets a domed keyset to comfortably rest on the lap and boasts a snap-in nano transceiver that can remain plugged in to the computer at all times, or can be magnetically snapped in the bottom of the keyboard for storage.


  • A keyset cursor allows random access to the rows of a result set and it allows you to see UPDATEs made by other processes (but not UPDATEs and DELETEs).

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  • StarCraft II Limited Edition Zboard bundle, featuring the Zboard Base, Standard QWERTY Keyset for everyday use and the limited edition keyset for


  • The StarCraft II keyset provides labeled commands, in-game shortcuts, official artwork from the game, and three race-specific mods featuring unique abilities for each of the races.



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