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  • n. The notional space that contains all possible keys.


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key space


  • But one thing about it was different: the cryptic hint to arnezami, a "uv" number, a pointer to a specific key within the AACS keyspace.

    Boing Boing

  • It may narrow the nominal keyspace, but it almost certainly increases the average keyspace that needs to be searched. - most clicked links

  • So for each of the following passphrase lengths, let's see how long it would take to test the entire keyspace:

    Planet Ubuntu

  • Therefore, there will be no immediate change; all floodfills will store the entire keyspace. Mixed RSS Feed

  • Partially reintroduce Kademlia to the network database, by having each floodfill store only a portion of the keyspace. Mixed RSS Feed

  • First we have to remove all of the counted Group By records that are still there in the upper keyspace: Articles

  • The usual way to refer to a piece of data is as follows: a keyspace, a column family, a key, an optional super column, and a column.

  • Columns are defined on the fly, and different records can have different sets of column names, even in the same keyspace and column family.

  • This means around 1.4e14 computer-seconds to search 50\% of the keyspace, or 3.85e10 hours.

  • Let's assume the project will terminate when 50\% of the keyspace has been searched.


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