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  • n. A relatively lightweight keyboard or synthesizer supported by a strap around the neck and shoulders, as a guitar is supported by a guitar strap.


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Blend of keyboard and guitar


  • This hybrid refers to a keytar, which is nothing like an oboe.

    The Daily Evergreen News Feed

  • Apparently, becoming the "keytar" of bike shops involves selling cheaper bikes.

    Synthesis: Putting It Together

  • This means that Cadence is going to become the "keytar" of bike shops.

    Synthesis: Putting It Together

  • I missed the final bid, but there was a Yamaha SH-10 "keytar" closing just a few minutes later which I did win at a bargain price.

    eBay of the day: Dynacord Rhythm Stick

  • Reevo at Ektopia has this story about Livid Instruments' video-playing guitar, which seems to take the 'keytar' concept onto a whole new level.

    Everybody needs a video guitar!

  • I'm not sure that "keytar" is an appropriate name for it, either, but it does sound better than a "gitboard".

    Look on my Keytar, ye mighty, and despair!

  • But when you can rock a "keytar" the way Woodhands singer Dan Werb demonstrated, you can be a dick to your critics without batting an eye.

    Denver Post: News: Breaking: Local

  • Article:Who takes credit for the 'keytar' or 'key-tar'?

    SFGate: Top News Stories

  • That ride isn't even the most ostentatious of the night, an honour that belongs to the aerialist who travels the length of one side of the stadium hidden in a balloon apparently from Roswell before emerging in a Tron-style outfit to delight patrons in the stands with some close up acrobatics on the return journey, Drummer Dom Howard and bassist Chris Wolstenholme enjoy their own trip on the platform mid-set as they riff and roll while Bellamy fetches his hybrid "keytar" for Undisclosed Desires.


  • The songs performed during Jai Ho The Journey Home were influenced by hip-hop, rock, reggae and pop, as well as traditional Indian music, and were played with a variety of interesting instruments including a keytar and sitar, alongside the more common piano, keyboard and drums.

    Marissa Bronfman: A.R. Rahman's Concert Delights in Toronto


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