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  • n. A rodent species of the Khammouan region of Laos, scientific name Laonastes aenigmamus, first described in 2005


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  • Last year, a new and unusual species of rodent was discovered in Laos, called Laonastes aenigmamus, or kha-nyou.

    The Panda's Thumb: March 2006 Archives

  • Photos of the skull and an 11 million year old fossil can be found in “Laonastes/Diatomys/kha-nyou/rat-squirrel”, on Pharyngula.

    The Panda's Thumb: March 2006 Archives

  • The second ‘late survivor’ brings us back to rodents: it’s the Laotian kha-nyou Laonastes aenigmamus, described last year as representing an entirely new hystricognath lineage, the Laonastidae (Jenkins et al. 2005).

    Archive 2006-03-01


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