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  • noun A native house or hut.
  • noun Servant's quarters separated from the main house.
  • noun slang Anyone's house or home.
  • noun Khaya, a genus of African timber trees (family Meliaceae) with wood closely resembling mahogany
  • noun any tree of the genus Khaya.


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From the Nguni group of languages khaya: home.


  • There, I continued my affair with rice puddings, exploring variations like Spanish arroz con leche , Indian kheer and khao niao sang khaya —a sticky rice and coconut custard that's popular in Thailand.

    Nostalgic for Nursery Pudding

  • Meera, I made sweet shankarpalis and the dough made me think of cookies, my son also carried few to his playschool n when back told me 'aatik poora cookies khaya' :D I just got the thought..what if I had baked you hv implemented it!

    Baked ShankarPale

  • State Housing Board, uses lyrics from the Aamir Khan movie Peepli Live's song ( "Saki saiya to khoobe kamat hai, mehagai daayan khaya jaat hai") and describes the definition of a daayan in his signed editorial, saying that a daayan doesn't spare even her own children.

    Top Headlines

  • Samba - Sardaar ... maine aapka namak khaya hai ...

    Sayesha on the rocks

  • _mima_ "water," in Hebrew _shâmayim_ and _mayim_, which we gather from the cuneiform spelling have been wrongly punctuated by the Masoretes, as well as _khaya_ "living," the Hebrew _khai_, and _makhsû_, "they have smitten him," the Hebrew _makhatsu_.

    Patriarchal Palestine

  • We’d putter by the city dump at twenty, twenty-five kilos an hour and some of the dek khaya, the garbage children whose families lived in shanties on the dump, would race alongside us, urging me to go faster, asking Anek if they could ride too.

    The Worst Years of Your Life

  • Ghajini in the midst of its rapid camera action, airborne bodies, angry "subaah mirchi ka achaar khaya" eight-pack Aamir Khan and Asin's (whom

    Random Thoughts of a Demented Mind


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