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  • n. An Indian sweet rice pudding.


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From Hindi.


  • This kheer is very rich, and best enjoyed chilled, served in a small bowl (katori).

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  • (REUTERS/Grace Liang) 10A Muslim man arranges bowls of a traditional dessert called kheer for sale outside a mosque before the evening prayers on the first day of the holy month of Ramadan, in Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir, Indian-administered Kashmir on August 23, 2009. Top Stories

  • My grandmother used to make this "kheer" for Nagpanchmi. and she would send a huge parcel to our home along with many other goodies.

    Cheppi Kheer - Sugarless Kheer?

  • "kheer", which is what it is called in Nepal, India and Pakistan.

    TrinidadExpress Today's News

  • I welcome their visits and their talks, but they do deplete my kheer a tasty, fattening, sweet, South Asian rice pudding dessert.

    Wajahat Ali: A Mosque Story

  • The trays of kheer (rice pudding) and halwa puri (sweet dessert with fried bread) are treated with more honor and respect.

    Wajahat Ali: A Mosque Story

  • I used to love it in the Shraddha chi kheer (made on the 13th day ceremony after death) and the khichdi.

    Tomato Saar & Salichi Moog Dal Khichdi

  • There, I continued my affair with rice puddings, exploring variations like Spanish arroz con leche , Indian kheer and khao niao sang khaya —a sticky rice and coconut custard that's popular in Thailand.

    Nostalgic for Nursery Pudding

  • G. Pavani said ... hi anjali nice kheer, it looking yummy

    Ganpati Bappa la Ratalyachi Kheer

  • Paired with tomato chutney and chaler payesh (good old kheer) for dessert, kichuri-beguni is a complete lunch on navami .

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