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  • adjective Singapore Afraid to lose out.
  • noun Singapore A fear of losing used to describe a person who is overly competitive.


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From Hokkien ( POJ: kiaⁿ-su, kiaⁿ-si); literally: "afraid to lose"


  • Called KiasuParents. com -- the word "kiasu" means overly competitive -- it allows parents to compare notes on private learning centres, with 21,000 members registered since September

  • The huge jump in prices did not surprise me, because Singaporeans are basically very "kiasu" at heart, causing prices to escalate at the prospect of the supply of COEs falling.


  • For the benefit of Singaporeans, it is much better for them to be less 'kiasu' and adopt a more accommodative attitude, especially with neighbours like Malaysia.

    The "thirteen million plus Ringgit" guy rambles....

  • Because both of us were so kiasu that the other person would eat more.

    Pocky! Pocky! Pocky!

  • Singaporeans 'lack of passion with literature could perhaps be explained by the republic's dominant kiasu culture?

    The Literary Landscape of Singapore

  • In a kiasu culture, that which brings little promise of quick money, or doesn't have potential capital to get a bank lona on, is not worth "enjoying/studying" as a student, and definitely not as a semi-professional pursuit.

    The Literary Landscape of Singapore

  • Okay, I sound every bit the kiasu (afraid to lose out) music junkie, but with such great vocals and lyrics fused into so many tracks, I'm blessed to have grabbed the last copy of this CD from the shelf (it's the last piece, the lady told me reluctantly).

    babycartercl Diary Entry

  • Are they picking up the astuteness, or the state of being senile and kiasu-ism.

    babycartercl Diary Entry

  • Sorry, people, but kiasu-ism is intolerable and infectious at the same time.

    babycartercl Diary Entry

  • I mean, Singaporeans, being the kiasu pple would bring their own bags, and not spend money on buying the plastic.

    yanxious Diary Entry


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