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  • n. A form of dumpling, from the Levant, made of spiced lamb and bulgur wheat.


From Arabic كبة (kibbeh, kubbah, "ball"). (Wiktionary)


  • It resembled the fried ball of meat and grain called kibbeh qras in the Levant.

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  • In addition to the dinners, I got a falafel sandwich, made with soft fresh-fried falafel patties on a whole pita with lots of creamy tahini sauce; some of the excellent torpedo-shaped meat pies called kibbeh, and a bowl of the fiery bean soup.

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  • Another of the meat dishes available is raw minced meat, called kibbeh nayaeh.

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  • But here, a pouch is made with burghul only (unlike the Lebanese-Syrian-Palestinian kibbeh which is […]

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  • The cumin-based mixture of spices added to kibbeh nayeh; a diminutive of kamoun cumin.

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  • Can be made into balls stuffed with ground meat, pine nuts, and spices (kibbeh qras); layered with ground meat on a tray (kibbeh bi saynieh); or served raw (kibbeh nayeh), among other forms.

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  • But the chef at the Sumer Land would cut out two quadrants from one side of the kibbeh, leaving a strip in the middle like the handle of an Easter basket.

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  • Instead of the fancy fusion stuff I made only for myself, she would teach me how to make Lebanese peasant food—mlukhieh, sayyadiyeh, burghul wa banadura, kibbeh nayeh.

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  • Rebecca asked us over kibbeh and tabbouleh at Balad.

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  • The Egg Basket was like an Easternized Scotch egg or a Westernized kibbeh, depending on where you came from; a cross-cultural pun par excellence, a play on the form and function of kibbeh and egg.

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