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  • n. A blessing recited over wine or grape juice in commemoration of the sanctity of the Shabbat or other Jewish holy day.


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Hebrew קידוש‎ (kidúsh, "kiddush", literally "sanctification").


  • The word kiddush actually refers to the blessing that is recited over the wine before the meal begins.

    Weaving Women's Words: Seattle Stories

  • The 15-part seder feast is a traditionally kosher meal that opens with a prayer called the kiddush, declaring the holiness of the festival of liberation. - Highschool

  • He goes on to clarify that there are a number of exceptions to the rule, such as kiddush, mazzah, the Passover sacrifice, Hakhel (assembly) and rejoicing on the festivals (MT Idolatry 12: 3).


  • A ramped hallway containing a lending library and a tiny gift shop adjoins the school building to the temple, and opens into a foyer where the kiddush (a ceremonial blessing of wine and challah bread) and Shabbat Oneg (a Sabbath wine and cheese reception) are held after Friday night services.

    American Grace

  • I have found myself hanging around my synagogue's shabbat kiddush begging Camp Ramah-bound campers to take me in their suitcase, promising to bring with me a month's worth of Lick-a-Maid.

    Mira Sucharov: The Good Thing About Jewish Summer Camp Indoctrination

  • Blanche is always the one to collect cups off the floor and crumbs off the table at the end of kiddush after services, always volunteering to bring a casserole over to a shiva or when someone she doesn't even know gives birth.

    The Search

  • Stan singsShalom Aleichemand chants the kiddush, making sure to hold the notes just long enough for everyone to notice that he's got pretty good pipes, for an accountant.

    The Search

  • You know women can't count in a minyan, they're not supposed to make kiddush, and they have to sit in the back of the shul.

    Women Who Dared - Rebecca Chernin on BEING A WOMAN ACTIVIST

  • I decided to create a new kiddush (a sanctification over wine) and to present it as part of a speech that would take the audience through the why and how of its creation.

    Marcia Falk: Statement

  • "We always light candles, say kiddush, the Motzi, and then on Saturday mornings we get up and go to shul."

    Women Who Dared - Rebecca Chernin on FAMILY UPBRINGING


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