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  • adj. Resembling kid (the material).
  • adj. Childlike.
  • adj. Typical of a kid (i.e., a juvenile goat); haedine.


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From kid +‎ -like. Compare kidly.


  • "She always said things in a way that was not kidlike," says her mother, standing in an aisle of books in the electric-blue dress she wore for her daughter's reading.

    Danielle Evans, an author straddling racial divides

  • It was such a kidlike thing to say, and these “kids” were in their twenties.


  • They are too kidlike for this newly grown-up room, silly blue dolphins dancing in the wind against the somber dark wood of the antique bed.

    Knowing Jesse

  • Toyland's ironic title comes from the name adults gave children, bothJews and gentiles, disguising a real destination, to calm them into looking forward to the train ride, the deadly deportation East, at least in this fantasy that evokes the kidlike innocence in the feature film The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.

    Regina Weinreich: No Babes in "Toyland"

  • But while Indiana's excellent piece draws upon Nikolay Gogol, Antonio Gramsci, post-Confucian history, and enthusiasm for the rich pleasures of contemporary South Korean film, it ignores one major stylistic source of The Host's ability to induce kidlike joy.

    GreenCine Daily: SFBG. The Host.

  • Sure, it's fun every now and then to get a kidlike bang out of something.

    The Cult Of Cute

  • Like Gates, Birgersson dropped out of university to chase his vision with kidlike enthusiasm.

    Shining Stockholm

  • I was happy to have it behind me, with weaning and sleeping through the night and solid food and some teeth and walking and a more kidlike appearance, and all those those other good things in place by the time her first birthday rolled around.

    Archive 2006-08-01

  • The eight chapters in this book show how to preserve the kidlike fun, wonderment and mystery of the holidays—midnight sledding party!

    Swell Holiday

  • He looked at me funny and asked a few kidlike questions.

    Bitter Gold Hearts


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