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  • n. Same as killdeer.

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • n. American plover of inland waters and fields having a distinctive cry


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  • Before dinner, we will go to the beach and watch the swallows swoop and dive and the kildeer fret and the robin fledglings flip, flop, flee; we'll leave footprints in the damp sand on the edge of the gently lapping lake; and we'll lob rocks over the pier.

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  • The girls and I will encourage the barn swallow fledgings, chatter with the nervous kildeer, pitch rocks over the tiny pier, and run along the abandoned shore.

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  • A belated kildeer broke the night stillness with its cry.

    The Fighting Shepherdess

  • It brought the tears into Daisy's eyes at length; the song of the kildeer came so close home into her heart.

    Melbourne House

  • The robins especially were very busy, whistling about in and under the trees; and a kildeer, quite near, from time to time sung its soft sweet song; so soft and tender, it seemed every time to say in Daisy's ears, What if I am sick and in pain and weary?

    Melbourne House

  • The kildeer-plover, which loves a similar locality, also drops its eggs there, and fills the air above with its din.

    Cape Cod

  • The minute's hush; the low twitter -- answered softly from bush and tree; the soft chiming in of other notes; the swelling, quickening, increasing song -- till every sparrow and kildeer in all Pattaquasset drew his bow and clattered his castanets with the speed and the eagerness of twenty fiddlers.

    Say and Seal, Volume II

  • The slight rustle of leaves now and then was as often caused by a butterfly or a kildeer as by the breeze; sometimes by a heavy damask rose that suddenly sent down its rosy shower upon the ground.

    Say and Seal, Volume II

  • A kildeer fussed at me as I was walking up, and various and sundry songbirds are chirping in the pecan trees.

    Local News | The Bryan College Station Eagle

  • We were walking along a bluff in Dana Point and suddenly saw a kildeer guarding its nest - only a few feet from where we were walking.

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