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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of kill.


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  • I say that I have some time ago busied my brain and workd up my feelings to a great pitch in poetically celebrating the great victory obtain'd over the desease that kill'd my Father; and in which your neighbour and my friend Dr Jenner is so immediately concern'd.

    Letter 119

  • Consideration how the Senate, and all the World, would construe my being as it were in the Hands of a Stranger, and one who had so lately kill'd my


  • Success, that we soon kill'd, or put to Flight, those who had the Charge of her Execution, who were only some of Amilcar's Servants, the rest of this head − less Mob dispers'd themselves of Course, some running one Way, some another; few of those Barbarians knowing what we meant or would be at.


  • This enraging Sight I could not bear, but ran up on him with the utmost Violence; but he being nimble escap'd, and all my Fury fell upon her, for with my Sword I kill'd her in her Bed.


  • Absence; who truly perform'd the part of a good Man in all things within his power: The Army was encamp'd far off, and Correspondence difficult, which was a perpetual Affliction to her; many Battels and Skirmishes were fought, without any News from him: At last, some of his own Regiment, sent her word that he was kill'd.

    The Lining of the Patch-Work Screen

  • Chance − Blow; but so it was, the Lover was kill'd in the Rencounter.

    The Lining of the Patch-Work Screen

  • Now, there was one in the Confraternity, who was always at variance with this Robert, which was kill'd, (the other's Name was Richard.)

    The Lining of the Patch-Work Screen

  • Not sack nor women, nor the God to whom he cries out, quite comfort the old hellraiser after "the King hath kill'd his heart".

    The Elegant Variation:

  • Untold offspring, one of which was Matea Mate a un pajarito, I kill'd a bird, for her hunting tendencies, and Argos, for Achilles' dog.

    great dogs - Anil Dash

  • That has kill'd more than ever in battle was slain.

    A New Temperance Song


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