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  • n. Clay slate; slaty rock.
  • n. The earthnut, Bunium fiexuosum.


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  • So actually, Hyde Park is another breeding ground of mass killers, but the media won't report this truth, but they'll report Winton Terrace as a community of ''killas''.

    Underreported White On White Crime

  • These planet-killas are gradually being domesticated into CUVs. » Resistance is, um, unlikely

  • Once a year, the East Coast playas and the West Coast killas met in the Astrodome for a friendly game of super-baseball.

    AVENGERS ANNUAL #16 Marvel Comics, 1987

  • I think between ICQ and AOL IM, Time Warner my employer is sitting on a huge goldmine and with some simple upgrades can turn these clients into Skype-killas.

    The Incredible importance of Instant Message clients

  • Beyond St. Agnes Beacon the coast is largely composed of clay-slates, or killas, presenting much desolate grandeur; the slate showing the jagged scars of its unending resistance to oceanic forces.

    The Cornwall Coast

  • The head was made of a red stone, known by mineralogists under the term of killas, and is often found to accompany copper ore: it is procured on the river St. Peter's, one of the principal branches of the Mississippi.

    Travels in the Interior of America, in the Years 1809, 1810, and 1811

  • Police say they are part of vandal group known as "CCK," or "crazy, cracka, killas." - Local News

  • If we want to show our kids that our sports stars have integrety keep the felons and the dog killas off the field.

    The Fifth Down

  • Ben Monlezun and Scott Archer (who all have a side line as Kung Fu killas) did the presentation and even used me for a prop, sending me an IOUnote for $1,000 that I guess I'll cash in when they IPO, or get bought by Facebook.

    Planet XML

  • i like how West Virginia is classified as a Wigga state! most of the state is comprised of wigga killas!

    US Douchbags by Region | My[confined]Space


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