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  • n. A kill file.
  • v. To add (a user) to a kill file.


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  • Ah, but that's the problem with LJ, it is /not/ a proper discussion forum, which would have facilities to 'killfile' Usenet term; means "I don't want to see that person's posts/comments" but other people can still see them and proper threading, not a master post with comments, but people still still to use it as a general discussion forum because that's where everyone else is.

    Right Speech

  • David: Isn't it about time that a 'killfile' function was added to Gossamer Forum and Mexconnect?

    Killfiles on Mexconnect

  • For us less technical types, what is a "killfile"?

    Killfiles on Mexconnect

  • Best way to piss an author off (and end up in their killfile) is to argue with them about the direction the plot is going, or the actions and motivations of their characters.

    2010 February «

  • The standard Firefox killfile would, I guess, have to be installed by the NYT.

    Andy Revkin, out in the cold

  • Anna did something like a killfile script for but the NYT defeated it.

    Andy Revkin, out in the cold

  • Ah, but Usenet had truly effective killfile tools; you could block by subject or real author with 'nn' or 'rn' quite effectively.

    Andy Revkin, out in the cold

  • The 'personal topic' method certainly helps keep Deltoid readable but, again, Deltoid has killfile, so one can omit a lot

    Andy Revkin, out in the cold

  • Reality is what, when you killfile it, doesn't go away.

    Reality is what, when you killfile it, doesn't go away.

  • After the time lost with Bart, only to conclude in his own words that it's all black-and-white to him, I must say, it's looking like about time for the killfile for you.



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