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  • n. One thousand ( 103 ) watts. Symbol: kW or KW.


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From kilo- +‎ watt


  • Every day that the Ford F-150 is the top selling vehicle in America (as it has been for 27 years) is a day of reckoning, and every time someone chooses to pay two cents extra per kilo-watt hour for wind power is a moment of reckoning.

    Hank Green: The Law of Incremental Suck (or Why to Never Give Up)

  • The dollar's decline and the economy, not to mention the capitulation of new jobs (such as new kilo-watt wind turbines) should have elicited more inquiry into focusing tax cuts to fuel efficieny instead of just some vague ass BS that was accepted as an explanation for no damn energy plan and the predicament and worsening circumstances we find ourselves in.

    Election Central Debate Roundup

  • It is estimated that to build additional units will take approximately two years per unit and cost US 4,000 per kilo-watt.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • Note, the nonpartisan Keystone report "Nuclear Power Joint Fact-Finding," from June 2007, found nuclear "power isn't cheap: 8.3 to 11.1 cents per kilo-watt hour."

    Joseph Romm: Stunning Climate Double-Talk From McCain Campaign

  • That's why we made a commitment to reduce emissions from our coal-fired power plants to take our emissions per kilo-watt of electricity well below our neighbours in the United States.

    Ontario's Economic Revolution

  • Special advisor to the IBA chairman, Michael Markovitz, also said Jacaranda 92.7 FM was refused permission to install and use a one kilo-watt gapfiller from the Brixton Tower on 92.7 FM frequency.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • The result: SEPB's standing has improved to No. 9 among municipal distributors and No. 9 among TVA power distributors, based on 2009 data of 1,000 kilo-watt hours.

    The Daily Sentinel: News

  • He claims a firm using a 100 kilo-watt server room will be using cooling equipment generating Green Business News

  • When and if those technologies can compete for lower costs per kilo-watt hour - they WILL attract the private sector industrial capital, foreign investment and the attention of current energy companies, venture capitalists, investment banks, and investors of bonds.


  • "Primarily, the wind turbine is here and is a 2.4 kw (kilo-watt)," he said.

    The Gazette-Enterprise: News


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