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  • n. An atomic mass unit equal to 1,000 daltons; usually used to describe the molecular weight of large molecules such as proteins.


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kilo- +‎ dalton


  • These isoforms are produced naturally in a particular ratio, with the 20 kilodalton isoform comprising 5-10% of the human growth hormone in the body.

  • E. coli synthesize this ultra high molecular weight (as big as 285 kilodalton) spider silk protein having highly repetitive amino acid sequence, we helped

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  • "We could obtain appreciable expression of the 285 kilodalton spider silk protein, which is the largest recombinant silk protein ever produced in

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  • When cowpea chlorotic mottle virus (CCMV), a similarly structured virus that infects the same plant host, was used in place of CPMV no binding in the 54 kilodalton region was observed (

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