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  • adj. Measured in kilometres / kilometers

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  • Of or pertaining to a kilometer; measured in kilometers.


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  • The radio emissions, called Saturn kilometric radiation, are generated along with Saturn's auroras, or northern and southern lights.

    The Sound of Saturn's Rings | Universe Today

  • Nothing would satisfy him but going with me, on my hinted purpose, and inquiring with me at the railroad office into the whole business of circular tickets, and even those kilometric tickets which the Spanish railroads issue to such passengers as will have their photographs affixed to them for the prevention of transference.

    Familiar Spanish Travels

  • He could see the deep bands of equatorial emissions and had to tone down the decametric and kilometric radio roar coming from the flux tube itself.


  • -- Excellent maps in three colours, main routes in red, with kilometric distances, towns, and picturesque sites clearly marked.

    The Automobilist Abroad

  • The most handy and useful hotel and mécanicien list, with kilometric distances between French towns and cities.

    The Automobilist Abroad

  • Contains notes as to nature of roads, kilometric distances, etc. L'Annuaire de Route.

    The Automobilist Abroad

  • Individual pegmatites can attain up to 60 m in width and more than 100 m in length, collectively forming part of a much larger body kilometric in length and up to 300 m wide.

    The Earth Times Online Newspaper

  • The MAPS instruments also performed observations as part of the solar wind aurora campaign to study the auroral magnetosphere and the Saturn kilometric radiation source regions.

    SpaceRef Top Stories

  • As the Saturn kilometric radiation (so known because the radio emissions 'wavelengths are measured in kilometers), or SKR, emanates from the gas-giant planet, its intensity oscillates every 10.5 hours or so, nearly in concert with the planet's rotation.

    Scientific American

  • "We've believed from studies here at Earth that there should be a good correlation between these kilometric radio emissions from the auroras and the auroras themselves," Kurth says.

    Scientific American


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