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  • n. Plural form of kilopascal.


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  • It can detect pressure from 0 to 15 kilopascals, which is the range of force required from typing to holding something in your hand.

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  • The prototype measures about 7.6 square inches and can detect different pressures between 0 and 15 kilopascals, which is the range of pressures one might encounter while typing on a keyboard or holding a small object.

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  • Blood test results revealed that the scientists showed the lowest level of oxygen in blood ever recorded, averaging at 2.55 kilopascals, which is several times lower than the average

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  • Tepco says pressure in the containment vessel likely hit 840 kilopascals the metric equivalent of 121.8 pounds per square inch around 2:30 a.m, roughly double the maximum pressure of 427 kilopascals the vessel was designed to handle.

    Reactor Team Let Pressure Soar

  • The prototype, measuring 49 square centimetres 7.6 square inches, can detect pressure ranging from 0 to 15 kilopascals, comparable to the force used for such daily activities as typing on a keyboard or holding an object.

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  • It's not easy keeping transparent materials from falling apart when you've got fifty kilopascals on the inside and Mars sky on the outside.

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  • The outside air, it said, was at 46 kilopascals, and properly oxygenated.

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  • When it was up to 30 kilopascals, she opened her helmet and her ears popped.

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  • I just use Google and type in "25 F in C" or "half tablespoon in mL" or "20 mm mercury in kilopascals" and use the built-in conversion calculator.


  • The atmosphere is mostly inert gases at about three hundred kilopascals.

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