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  • n. Any of a group of adhesion plaque proteins that activate integrins


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  • A man 'at's been used to workin' seventeen hours a day, ever sence he was born till he's turned sixty, ain't goin 'to be content to lie abed till six seven o'clock in the mornin' an 'spend the rest the day splittin' kindlin'-wood to keep a parlor stove a-goin '.

    The Brass Bound Box

  • When I got up and struck a light, thar was suthin 'like onto a cord o' kindlin 'wood and splinters whar she'd stood asleep, and a hole in the side o' the shanty, and -- no Jinny!

    Drift from Two Shores

  • I see him goin 'by as I was out a splittin' kindlin's; and says he, 'Sam, you jest go 'long up to our house to-night,' says he: 'Toddy Whitney and Harry

    Oldtown Fireside Stories

  • You ought to be grateful I risked me life to sneak back for that lousy sack o 'kindlin'. "

    The Time of the Transference

  • "He had a good many of us to take keer of, an 'after Mr. Wiggs had been keepin' company with me fer 'bout two weeks he drove up one night with a load of coal an 'kindlin', an 'called pa out to the fence.

    Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch, by Alice Caldwell Hegan.

  • Bridgeport rented to somebody who had gone way without payin 'the rent, an' had been splittin 'kindlin' on the front steps an 'hacking 'em all up, and white-washin' the kitchen what she papered last winter to hide the grease spots what they made through living like pigs, an 'Seraphina, she can't stand nothing like that. "

    The Girl at Cobhurst

  • Back in the cave, I said, "Jakster, I found some more kindlin 'for you."

    The Dragons of Krynn

  • Her back to them, she jostled the kindlin and almost lost the fire.


  • First a bit of paper, then a little kindlin -- not too much -- just a taste until it was strong enough for more.


  • Stooping to shake the damper, or snapping sticks for kindlin, Sethe was licked, tasted, eaten by Beloved's eyes.



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