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  • Same as kinematic. Also cinematical.

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  • adjective kinematic


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  • This emphasis on (so to speak) kinematical aspects must not mislead one: the dynamical aspects of reidentification over time and trajectory formation are just as important if not the most important for the concept of decoherence and its understanding.

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  • There are also cases, notably quantum measurements, in which the classical aspects of the everyday world are only kinematical (definiteness of pointer readings), while the dynamics is highly non-classical (indeterministic response of the apparatus).

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  • Even more generally, one could ask whether the results of decoherence could thus be used to explain the emergence of the entire classicality of the everyday world, i.e., to explain both kinematical features such as macroscopic localisation and dynamical features such as approximately Newtonian or Brownian trajectories, whenever they happen to be phenomenologically adequate descriptions.

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  • In Newtonian spacetime, the kinematical behavior of a system of point particles under the action of finite forces is supervenient upon ascriptions of particular values of position and momentum to the particles along their trajectories.

    Holism and Nonseparability in Physics

  • For simplicity we will assume that kinematical concepts, such as the positions of particles, their velocities and accelerations are given independently of the theory as functions of time.

    Structuralism in Physics

  • Bohr's reply was that we cannot separate the dynamical and kinematical properties of a joint system of two particles until we actually have made a measurement and thereby set the experimental conditions for the ascription of a certain state value (CC, p. 80).

    Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

  • Space and time are kinematical quanitites really, even with general relativity as the “dynamics of space.”

    Telekinesis and Quantum Field Theory

  • The reason is, according to Bohr, that a quantum system has no definite kinematical or dynamical state prior to any measurement.

    Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

  • In his Faraday Lectures from 1932, for instance, Bohr emphasizes: “A fundamental step towards the establishing of a proper quantum mechanics was taken in 1925 by Heisenberg who showed how to replace the ordinary kinematical concepts, in the spirit of the correspondence argument, by symbols referring to the elementary processes and the probability of their occurrence.”

    Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

  • It is a purely kinematical concept involving must distance and time.

    A Dark, Misleading Force


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