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  • adv. In a kinematic manner
  • adv. With regard to kinematics


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  • The available evidence demonstrates at this time that a mature production PAK-FA design has the potential to compete with the F-22A Raptor in VLO performance from key aspects, and will outperform the F-22A Raptor aerodynamically and kinematically.

    Stromata Blog:

  • You could also imagine trying to disrupt the galaxies somehow by puffing them up kinematically, maybe through violent mergers.

    Teeny-Weenie Massive Galaxies

  • A conspicuous instance of a supertask which is kinematically impossible is the one performed by Black's infinity machine, whose task it is to transport a ball from position A (x = 0) to position B (x = 1) and from B to A an infinite number of times in one hour.


  • Perhaps Maxwell was not here regarding the aether as kinematically synonymous with absolute space.


  • Aesthetically, one would like to extend the principle of relativity not just kinematically but physically to include all motion.


  • They undoubtedly had it in their thinking that what is aesthetically (and ontologically) appealing is also kinematically distinguished and dynamically prefera - ble.


  • He was first to recognize that the fixed link of a mechanism was kinematically the same as the movable links.

    Kinematics of Mechanisms from the Time of Watt

  • -- Modified Freemantle linkage, 1819, which is kinematically the same as the Evans linkage.

    Kinematics of Mechanisms from the Time of Watt

  • His three patents, which were for various forms of steamboat feathering paddle wheels, involved linkages kinematically similar to the drag link coupling, although it is quite unlikely that Oldham recognized the similarity.

    Kinematics of Mechanisms from the Time of Watt

  • _Bottom_, Linkage that is kinematically equivalent to

    Kinematics of Mechanisms from the Time of Watt


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