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  • noun Alternative form of kineric.


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  • After _of hire_, _ḥạ ẉ_ MS.] ah for dred  {55} of deað duden þes deouel [e] s lac as þe heðene duden. hwa wes wurse þen hire heorte iwundet in {} wið for þe wrecches þ̵ heo iseh wraðe werkes wurchen aȝeines godes wille. þohte þah as heo wes þuldi ⁊ þolemod so ȝung þing as heo wes. hwet hit mahte ȝeinen þah heo hire ane were aȝein so kene keisere ⁊ his kineriche.

    Selections from early Middle English, 1130-1250 Part I: Texts


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