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  • n. Plural form of kinetochore.


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  • In the absence of the nuclear membrane, the mitotic spindle microtubules are now free to enter the nuclear region, and formation of specialized protein complexes called kinetochores begins on each centromere.


  • Although meiosis and mitosis share a lot of similarities, numerous differences exist between the spindles in these types of cells and some of these differences have been already identified: (i) centrosomes are present in somatic cells and absent in oocytes; (ii) kinetochores microtubules appear very late in MI

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  • We deliberately refrained from merging the identified proteins into complexes specific for the kinetochores and the centrosome, since we found in our screen only a limited number of proteins related to these structures.

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  • According to the published evidence, the above proteins or their previously characterized orthologs from other species localized to interphase and/or spindle microtubules, kinetochores, midbody and the centrosome.

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  • We propose that such networks may further evolve to describe not only MeMP, but also the mitotic spindle of metazoan organisms with its much more complex apparatus, including kinetochores, centrosomes and chromosomes.

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  • Meiotic cells (DDO45 and DDO46) were evaluated for the behavior of centromeres by indirect immunofluorescence observation of kinetochores (Mtw1-13XMYC), a pair of homologous centromeres

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  • During these studies, the scientists noticed that sister kinetochores - the protein structures that mark the site where a chromosome pair is split during cell division - are farther apart in metaphase II eggs from older mice at 16 to 19 months of age compared to eggs from young mice of 6 to 14 weeks of age, a finding that drew their attention to explore reduced cohesion as a primary source for age-related aneuploidy.

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  • In addition, we investigate the assembly, dynamics and function of the mitotic structures such as the mitotic spindle, kinetochores and the cleavage furrow by using a combination of genetics, biochemistry, cell biology, and chemical genetics, and our long-term goal is to elucidate the molecular and cellular basis of cell division as well as to provide novel targets for chemotherapy.

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  • Our data indicate that Nup107-160 and γ-TuRC act cooperatively to promote spindle assembly through microtubule nucleation at kinetochores: HeLa cells lacking Nup107-160 or γ-TuRC were profoundly deficient in kinetochore-associated microtubule nucleation.

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  • The metazoan nuclear pore complex (NPC) disassembles during mitosis, and many of its constituents distribute onto spindles and kinetochores, including the Nup107-160 sub-complex.

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