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  • n. Plural form of kingsnake.


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  • Now, scarlet kingsnakes have shown that even imperfect imitation does the trick.

    Researchers find harmless snakes may benefit from looking like poisonous species

  • They include all kinds of little animals like kangaroo rats, kingsnakes, horned lizards, whiptail lizards, vinegaroons, tarantulas, and a host of desert plant species.

    What happens to all of the animals when their homes are destroyed by bulldozers?

  • Not big ones of course, but I have kingsnakes and cornsnakes if they wanted to they could break my arm. harold Says:

    Baby Kangaroo

  • KING: We'll be back with lots more, including pot-bellied pigs, kingsnakes and a caracal, whatever that is.

    CNN Transcript Jun 1, 2007

  • This is interesting to see, all of these different types of kingsnakes.

    CNN Transcript Jun 1, 2007

  • Of the larger nonvenomous species like rat snakes, kingsnakes and watersnakes, or any of the other nearly 50 species of harmless snakes in the eastern United States, none is going to hurt a dog in a serious way by biting it.

    Local News from Tuscaloosa News

  • Trans-Pecos and western Edwards Plateau, was the primary way some caught much-sought and highly valuable species such as gray-banded kingsnakes as well as rattlesnakes and other reptiles. Chronicle

  • For instance, with the kaleidoscope of colors and skin patterns among the subspecies and even within a single subspecies, common kingsnakes would rate high on any list of "best dressed" among the serpents.

    DesertUSA - Animals

  • Common kingsnakes suffer predation by birds such as hawks and roadrunners, by animals such as badgers and raccoons, and reptiles such as other snakes.

    DesertUSA - Animals

  • Superficially, some common kingsnakes such as the Sonora Mountain kingsnake resemble the venomous coral snakes, but the kingsnake's red rings are bordered by black rings and the coral snakes red rings, by yellow rings.

    DesertUSA - Animals


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