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  • adv. In a kinky manner.


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kinky +‎ -ly


  • Marguerite turns out to be Jewish herself, kinkily fantasizing about the blond Nazi on the poster she sees from her bedroom window.

    Gilliam's Faustian Pact

  • Has become more racially conceptualised, as a superior, hyper-Aryan, cruel-eyed, kinkily-dressed Jeremy Irons:

    Archive 2010-07-01

  • The very act of bathing a submissive, exploring every nook and cranny, making the submissive assume humiliating positions to expose private areas to your prying fingers, can be extremely kinkily sexy.

    Come Hither

  • My question is besides bodily fluids (or solids) being spilled on each other what can we do to spice up our sex life? yours kinkily

    Army Rumour Service

  • The kinkily clad crew are the stars of a mockumentary being made by Don't Panic TV (DPTV): supposedly about bondage, but actually about how MI6 has been complicit in the torture of terror suspects overseas.

    The Guardian World News

  • Set in San Francisco (where Siegel would return to direct Dirty Harry), The Lineup is a gray-toned, documentary-textured gravelly police procedural enlivened by a car chase that ends with cliffhanging suspense at the ledge of an unfinished freeway overpass with a five-story drop, thrilling trombone use of telescopic lenses, a live-wire performance by Eli Wallach, sensational location shooting (to which Manny Farber paid famous homage, with his invocation of "Japanese print compositions" and the photos of Robert Frank -- see page 676 of Farber on Film), and a kinkily inspired and macabre pair of villains: a hit man and his mentor associate, who neatly jots down the last words of the hitman's victims in a notebook, as if stealing the victim's last breath.

    The Perfect Stocking Stuffer for the Cineaste Who Never Leaves Home: James Wolcott

  • The film is brutally violent, calculatedly misogynistic and kinkily hypersexual.) :


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