from The Century Dictionary.

  • noun A slightly acidulated jelly made of flour, water, and the juice of some fruit, common in all Slavic countries.

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  • noun A dessert, an acidulated jelly, made by cooking fruit or berry juice, milk or water, and flour, common in Slavic and Baltic countries as well as Finland.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From a Slavic language, most likely Russian.


  • And there were cabbage soup with sour cream, and black bread and a little white bread, and red kisel jelly and a huge jug of milk.

    Old Peter's Russian Tales

  • His children were well fed every day -- rivers of milk between banks of kisel jelly, and mushrooms with sauce, and soup, and cakes with little balls of egg and meat hidden in the middle.

    Old Peter's Russian Tales

  • The old woman loved her own daughters, and gave them red kisel jelly every day, and honey too, as much as they could put into their greedy little mouths.

    Old Peter's Russian Tales

  • The reason why, I could not discover; but we knew our own minds thoroughly on the subject of "fasting food," from mushroom soup, fish fried in sunflower oil, and coffee without milk to that most insipid of dessert dishes, _kisel_, made of potato flour, sweetened, and slightly soured with fruit juice.

    Russian Rambles


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