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  • n. Plural form of kitty-cat.


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  • "Everything was hunky-dory at my last job,"  Jim says of MediPet, a maker of veterinary supplies such as narrow tongue depressors used to give throat exams to kitty-cats.

    For Chronic Reduplicators, Things Aren't Hunky-Dory

  • And although Jim might call you the lions, we know you're just really kitty-cats.

    Remarks At Ceremony For The James Brady Press Briefing Room

  • One visitor was a giant banana, while there were costumed kitty-cats seemingly crowding every corner, enough to make the dozens of

    NY Daily News

  • Episode XLIX: The endless thread is doomed; it has sunk to discussing cute widdle kitty-cats Michael Ruse agrees with Richard Dawkins!


  • Episode XLIX: The endless thread is doomed; it has sunk to discussing cute widdle kitty-cats

    ScienceBlogs Channel : Life Science

  • Thirty years after a nuclear holocaust, a lip-chapped tough guy called Eli (Denzel Washington, doing what he does) makes his way westward via the blasted and sepia-toned American freeway system, feeding when he's lucky on freshly killed hairless mutant kitty-cats.

    Chicago Reader

  • Mark Neporent Is just another violent parasite that thinks it owns my income … I guess if I included "baby seals and kitty-cats" as a client base then I would be entitled to steal from everybody using government guns and jails.

    The Truth About Cars

  • And he deserves some blame for how meekly his kitty-cats are playing. - RSS

  • I sent faxes to Pence and Bohener’s offices citing the sections, page numbers and paragraphs in the House Rules which entitle ANY MEMBER to “declare the speakership vacant” and obviously NO ONE would do it. my question is WHY NOT???? without her this absolutely NEVER would have gone through … the kitty-cats in the house are more afraid of her than they are of the voters back home.

    With regard to the health care rationing bill passing: Don’t get mad. | RedState

  • I get a pay cheque every Thursday, I have a roof over my head that my wife and I have been here for six years, I have 4 beautiful kitty-cats, I have a Masonic Lodge I go to once/twice month and even though I’m 55, I got a dream.

    E.Jim Shannon


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