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  • noun sexuality The condition of being sexually aroused by being given an enema.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

from Latin cataclysmos, from Ancient Greek κατακλυσμός (kataklysmos, "deluge, flood"), and φιλία ("(fraternal) love").


  • If you want to see pictures of real war rapes, or men in Rajasthan sexually abusing their grief-stricken old wives, or real pedophiles, or anything Japanese -- if you want to know what emetophilia or klismaphilia is, or connect with thousands of people of indeterminate age who love to craft stories about Voldemort using a butt plug on Harry Potter, you're just a click away.


  • • Other paraphilias not otherwise specified (\ "Sexual Disorder NOS\") - telephone scatalogia (obscene phone calls) - necrophilia (corpses) - partialism (exclusive focus on one part of the body) - zoophilia (animals) - coprophilia (feces) - klismaphilia (enemas) - urophilia (urine) SEXUAL DISORDERS

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