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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of kludge.


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  • Plans for today are pretty much the same, though I would like to get started kludging together the Wind Tunnel Dreams PDF - but slow-brain days are not the best for learning new skills.


  • I smooth the translucent skin between his wing ribs, rubbing Vaseline into the rough spots, kludging the little tears on the edges with stretchy surgical tape.

    Ancient, Strange, and Lovely

  • The warm fuzzy feeling that came with the maternal gratitude still isn't going to give me back the two and a half hours I just spent diagnosing her computer problem and the kludging together a solution.

    ianrandalstrock's Journal

  • To address the comment about kludging -- yeah, 3rd Edition was a pain to stat, but primarily because you had all the skill messes and also you had to balance the item christmas tree.

    About to Cut Open the Tauntaun

  • In the meantime, my legacy system gets clunkier and clunkier, and I keep kludging it up $100 at a time to keep going rather than take the plunge and start from scratch.

    I Hate My Dell Computer « Lean Left

  • We can do some of these Third Life functions now, kludging together different tools and services, shoving stuff in and out of Second Life, making up social practices.

    Information, Culture, Policy, Education: Towards Third Life

  • They must have derived from the apparent source with which they share many specific correspondences the true story behind “specified complexity”, and this would be so even for a “designer” kludging together a system.

    To explain ID, *don't* look up the homologies - The Panda's Thumb

  • I got it to work, showing only when I did the expando-post thing span class=fullpost by kludging the Java script found here.

    The Good Bad Sex Challenge: Voting Rules

  • Naturally, kludging goes hand in hand with recycling. Chronicle

  • And you don't need to spend every weekend between now and early retirement kludging tools together.

    Site Home


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