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  • n. Noodles prepared in an ethnic Polish manner, specifically, thin strips of dough, as opposed to filled shells.


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  • I love to make a Pennsylvania Dutch version of chicken soup, chicken corn noodle kluski soup.

    Chat Leftovers: Pizza and pasta, a twofer

  • The Polish generic name for gnocchi is kluski, which covers a multitude of small dumplings, the ones in the photo are known as kopytka, which despite looking quite large, are no more than 2.5cm 1 across; other versions are known as slaskie and lane, mostly distinguished by their different shapes and slightly different recipes, for instance kopytka contain potato flour as well.

    Archive 2007-10-01

  • Kluski is the Polish generic word for dumplings, we eat kluski at home, but ours are made with potato and flour, and are virtually indistinguishable from gnocchi.

    At My Table

  • It might be bigos - similar to sauerkraut, kasha grain usually buckwheat, or kluski, the generic name for all things dumpling.

    Archive 2006-05-01

  • This is me rolling out the last of the dough for kluski noodles.

    In Java, Literally...

  • Supporting actors such as lane kluski, a Polish egg noodle similar to German spätzle, are divine simplicities.

    NYT > Travel

  • Buffalofoods. com (Redlinski's online) now offers a "Kit" -- 2 containers of duck's blood and 2 lbs of kluski noodles for 30.00.

    Mazurland Blog


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