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  • v. To know


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From Old English cnawan.


  • Stripped of the finger-wagging socialist sermonizing that spoils the last 10 minutes of the play, "The Pitmen Painters" is a "Full Monty" - type commercial comedy about five working-class blokes with inch-thick accents ( "We just want to knaa aboot proper art") who turn out to be smarter, nobler and more talented than Robert Lyon (Ian Kelly), the well-meaning but unconsciously patronizing university man who deigns to introduce them to the joys of painting.

    They Can't Dance (So Don't Ask)

  • So noo ye knaa hoo aall the folks On byeth sides of the Wear Lost lots o' sheep an' lots o' sleep An' lived in mortal feor.

    The Lambton Worm Song

  • Noo lads, Aa'll haad me gob, That's aall Aa knaa aboot the story Of Sir John's clivvor job Wi' the aaful Lambton Worm!

    The Lambton Worm Song

  • How long it is since she washed herself well I'm sure I divvent knaa.

    Sally Gee

  • I says to her well I know your face but a divvent knaa from where.

    Sally Gee

  • Cho: But never mind, the lass she's kind, I knaa she is good hearted,

    Sally Gee

  • Ye knaa the lad she gans wi ', they caall him Jimmy Green,

    Keep Yor Feet Still Geordie Hinney

  • Wor lass is driving iz crackers. 'ye knaa what ah mean leik.

    dovegreyreader scribbles

  • "I knaa it weel, and a dowly path it is; ye'll keep indoors o'nights for a while, or ye'll rue it.

    Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine

  • If yo and Daffady had yor way wi 'yor fallals an yor nonsense, yo'd never leave a poor sick creetur alone for five minutes; I towd Daffady to let her be, an I'll let him knaa who's mëaster here! "

    Helbeck of Bannisdale — Volume I


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