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  • n. The cutting part of a knife.


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  • It was falling with the keenness of a knife-blade.

    Winged Blackmail

  • It was a thin, cold knife-blade of a smile that was there and gone.

    Rot & Ruin

  • As you know, the margin on this movie is knife-blade slim.

    Good-Bye To All That

  • Many wondered whether that pride was with the father as he felt the first thrusts of the knife-blade his nineteen-year-old son plunged into his body in revenge for his mother's death-and with an eye to the throne of Dragon Highlord.

    Finnegan teoriza la practica de cuerdas

  • Rather it is a means of exhibiting the characteristic red tail to other members of the species … the movement brings the tail down and then quickly back to the line of the main axis of the body: it may be imitated by holding the tip of a knife-blade on the edge of a table, depressing and then suddenly releasing the handle.

    A Year on the Wing

  • First having read the book of myths, and loaded the camera, and checked the edge of the knife-blade

    Adrienne Rich, the wreck and not the story of the wreck, the thing itself

  • This gentleman had a face like a knife-blade, cold and harsh, with a color like Seine water when it was muddy and strewn with fragments of charcoal from a sunken barge.

    The Commission in Lunacy

  • He looked upward and saw two aeroplanes glide shouting far overhead, looked back, and saw the main body of the fleet opening out and rushing upward and .. outward; saw the one he had struck fall edgewise on and strike like a gigantic knife-blade along the wind-wheels below it.

    When the Sleeper Wakes

  • He moved his knife-blade in rapid-fire slices first one way, then another, rendering the topmost layer a criss-cut pattern.

    Hakata Sushi - Hakuna Hakata, What a Wonderful Phrase

  • Poised on a knife-blade of anticipation, she obeyed.

    The Rich Man's Royal Mistress


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