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  • adj. Without a knife or knives.


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knife +‎ -less


  • Now I was knifeless in Japan, trying to get a long sliver of very tender, very expensive beef from my bowl to my mouth without either choking or dropping it in my lap.

    Chicken Soup for the Soul: Grandmothers

  • But he did object to picnics; to the sudden departure of the family to wild surroundings for the consumption of cold, knifeless and forkless meals in the serious middle hours of the day.

    Mr. Britling Sees It Through

  • The fortunate owner of this derived quite a little income of meal by shrewdly loaning it to his knifeless comrades.


  • He had worked at the iron bars for a time, but had now given it up, finding that he would be knifeless long before he could loosen a single bar; besides, that gnawing hunger mastered everything else, and in place of the active the passive state had set in: with a feeling of obstinate annoyance against his captors he had determined to sit still and starve.

    In the King's Name The Cruise of the "Kestrel"

  • Science News Letter reports on a variety of predicted applications for lasers, including mapping the moon, communicating in space, performing surgery as a knifeless scalpel, and serving as a death ray.

    Latest Science News Features, Blog Entries, Column Entries, Issues, Articles and Book Reviews

  • Meanwhile, another eye clinic, i Care Lasik, is offering the sophisticated Z-Lasik with Advanced Aspheric, which is also a knifeless procedure or Lasik combining FEMTO LDV machine from the Ziemer Group and the MEL 80 excimer laser manufactured by Carl Zeiss, Germany.

    The Jakarta Post Breaking News

  • The Advanced iLasikTM uses a combination of the latest technology - iFSTM Advanced Femtosecond Laser and VISX Advanced CustomVueTM. iLasikTM is a knifeless Lasik with the safest technology that has been approved for NASA astronauts, US Air Force pilots and US Navy Top Gun pilots as well.

    The Jakarta Post Breaking News

  • Green Scorpion and New York City's Terrifica and Orlando's Master Legend and Indianapolis 'Mr. Silent are just a few of the 200 gunless, knifeless vigilantes listed on the World Superhero Registry, most presumably with day jobs but who fancy cleaning up the mean streets at night.

    Artvoice - Buffalo's #1 Newsweekly

  • This engineering upgrade is available for units currently installed, and all new AirPouch Express 3 Void-fill Systems will now come standard with the unique knifeless system design.

    ThomasNet Industrial Newsroom - Today's New Product News

  • And we, by flight, hardly escaped tearing to pieces at their hands, who thereupon advanced with knifeless fingers upon the young of the kine, as they nipped the green; and then hadst thou seen one holding a bleating calf in her hands, with udder distent, straining it asunder; others tore the heifers to shreds amongst them; tossed up and down the morsels lay in sight -- flank or hoof -- or hung from the fir-trees, dropping churned blood.

    Greek Studies: a Series of Essays


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