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  • Dan McLaughlin: Yes, said he'd use scalpel instead RT @knifework Didn't Obama mock McCain's suggestion of spending freezes during the campaign?

    Democrats Actually Admit to a Mistake - deidremh’s Diary - RedState

  • He made a passing reference to it in his speech, but saved the knifework for a Q&A with Ron Fournier and Liz Sidoti.

    Double-Teaming Obama - Swampland -

  • After some major water flushing, knifework, refitting and reattachment of pipes and application of some lubricant, healing came - both of the car and of my mambo mengi-sense of being overwhelmed.

    Archive 2009-09-01

  • That's Chris Kane doing not just the fight knifework but the kitchen knifework.

    LEVERAGE: 'Til Death. Like A Steel Cage Match.

  • FWIW, though, there's one thing Obama seems to have down pat; inside baseball political knifework.

    Obama has now been President for exactly 2 weeks.

  • People assumed from his relative civility in the second debate that he was either giving up (a notion helpfully put forward by some of his loyal workers) or too gentlemanly, too "nice" to really want to engage in further knifework himself.


  • Because I think a Hillary Clinton candidacy will be another game of inches, yielding—at best—another four or eight years of knifework in the dark.

    Obamarama « Whatever

  • The picture above is a mesh dicer for cooked vegetables and is standard kit in pretty much every Polish kitchen as it saves hours of knifework.

    At My Table

  • But the wood of the ginkgo tree — a unique tree, a botanical "living fossil" that constitutes a genus of its own — is soft and perfectly suited for knifework, as it won't dull the blade during the trimming and oblique slicing of piece after piece of raw fish that must be performed with uninterrupted and meticulous precision from the first to the last course of a sushi meal.

    If You Knew Sushi

  • He'd stood in front of it for hours, at the Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Antica in Rome, rapt in admiration: the lovely little furrow of determination on Judith's brow as she did the knifework; the way she kept every part of her body, save her bare hands and arms, away from the messy work in progress; the bright strong cords of blood that slashed diagonally across the bedsheets.

    Dance Of Death


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