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  • n. Plural form of knobhead.


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  • Dude, ignore the knobheads that are complaining about “selling out”.

    EXTRALIFE – By Scott Johnson - Diary #38: “Taking flags down”

  • Please, bubble, hurry up and burst so these drones can be buried like the uninspired knobheads they are. reply jblu

    Deadpool: Teqlo Finds Out That Mashups Don’t Make Money

  • There are the few and the proud who aren't complete knobheads, but on the whole, people suck my dick.

    dragonwench Diary Entry

  • If the family Saud is kicked out ,the greedy speculators and hedgefund operators ,investment bankers ruling class elitist knobheads will have another "killing" on the "futures markets" .

    The Independent - Frontpage RSS Feed

  • Many of my friends never got near university - despite far more impressive academic profiles/capabilities than half the knobheads I send off to university today.

    Army Rumour Service

  • Please note, we will not remove a post just because you disagree with what is being said. lambosareforeva commented on this article if porsche really think they can compete with the rapide and the estoque, they are in fact, knobheads

    BBC TopGear: Cars and Autos News

  • Mr Chapman ignored the knobheads in the council, and continued the games regardless.

    Nanny Knows Best

  • Apparently some local chav knobheads were causing trouble and Matt got stabbed trying to sort out the situation in front of women and children.

    Caught in the Crossfire - Articles

  • But if fuckers sit their spouting shite that they call a moral argument, without denouncing shite like VAT & the tax credit system, they are knobheads.

    How is he getting away with this? Pt I

  • That is why so many borderline “parents” are allowed to keep their children, that & the usual Clarksonite knobheads insisting that parents should have an almost total right to do whatever to their children & anything else is “political correctness gone mad” & other fucking moronic phrases.

    Baby P might have become a “feral, parasitic yob”


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