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  • adj. Without a knob.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

knob +‎ -less


  • I pushed the knobless door and it gave with a groan.

    Fatal Circle

  • At first, they should be simple knob puzzles with few pieces, followed by knobless puzzles where the pieces fit only one same-shaped hole.

    Testing for Kindergarten

  • Coffin lifted the tapestry aside and slid the key into the knobless door hidden beneath it.

    The Art Thief

  • In a dim corner of the pen he found a knobless panel on hinges and tested it quietly.

    The Blue Nowhere

  • It was knobless, and along one edge were three brass keyholes spaced a few inches apart.

    Time and Again

  • Mary shook her head in amazement as she hauled out an old table radio, knobless and gutted of tubes.

    The Glory Game

  • There were four knobless doors letting upon the second floor hallway, all of them closed.

    Trumps of Doom

  • Kate stood before a teetering knobless bureau reflecting upon the singular coincidence which should place her in the same room for her second social affair in the Prouty House as that to which she had been assigned upon her first.

    The Fighting Shepherdess

  • "Does this street go through to the boulevard?" he asked of a man, pointing with his knobless whip.

    A Romance of Billy-Goat Hill

  • There were some old clothes in the ramshackle deal wardrobe; there was some linen and underclothing in the knobless chest of drawers.

    The Dop Doctor


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