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  • n. A short practise session before a tennis match


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  • Maria Sharapova has in the past alienated opponents with her imperiousness at the pre-match knock-up.

    Wimbledon 2010: Anastasia Rodionova hit by moody blues

  • Dizzy Thinks: Live Blog III: The celebrity knock-up skip to main

    Live Blog III: The celebrity knock-up

  • Paul Mewies Sandie's spouse dislocated his finger in the knock-up - but bravely soldiered on.

    Led to defeat by a 'Burger King'

  • I could've used to a good 10 words in the hook to explain how I knock-up Sheila.

    HH Com 160

  • "Of course, " he sighed, 'since we haven't located that knock-up temple, there won't be any pitter-patter of little feet around the place.

    Villa Incognito

  • ‘All right, unless you’d like a knock-up at table tennis first.

    The Murder of Busy Lizzie

  • The Farman was a curious "knock-up" job, chiefly composed of standard box-kite fittings.

    The Aeroplane Speaks

  • Young Men's Club in St. Matthias's, Clapham, and Wauchope helped him by looking in now and then for a knock-up with the gloves.

    The Combined Maze

  • "Let's have a knock-up," he said, hitting a long fly.

    The Major

  • My present indisposition is nothing but an overstrain and knock-up, which a couple of days 'rest and some homoeopathic powder will easily set right.



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