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from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. Requiring access to and manipulation of large quantities of knowledge.


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  • But so, too, are many knowledge-intensive industries such as education and software.

    Comparative Advantage and American Jobs

  • The country has achieved remarkable productivity and income gains since its liberalization began in 1978, and its recently released five-year economic plan wisely aims to expand employment in knowledge-intensive "strategic emerging industries" such as information technology and clean energy.

    China, Patents and U.S. Jobs

  • China may be on the rise, but the U.S. retains a comparative advantage in knowledge-intensive activities, thanks to such strengths as outstanding universities and a culture of risk-taking.

    China, Patents and U.S. Jobs

  • So Pfizer's decision to close the plant, with the loss of up to 2,400 jobs, cast a shadow over the government's hopes for an economic renaissance, with hi-tech, knowledge-intensive jobs helping to take up the slack as the bloated financial services sector shrinks and the Treasury's axe-swinging results in hundreds of thousands of public-sector layoffs.

    Fears for UK hi-tech jobs mount as Pfizer closes lab in Sandwich

  • America already has a strong comparative advantage in many knowledge-intensive services, Last year the surplus in services trade hit $152.6 billion, in contrast to a $669.5 billion deficit in goods trade.

    A Pro-Trade Agenda for U.S. Jobs

  • That's why President Obama's national innovation strategy includes a number of policies to improve the competitiveness of the IT and other knowledge-intensive sectors, such as making more spectrum available for broadband wireless services, expanding and making permanent the Research and Experimentation tax credit, reforming export controls and encouraging high-growth entrepreneurship.

    Thomas Kalil: Information Technology and Social Progress

  • [T] heir economies seemed to be relatively good at exploiting the new knowledge-intensive opportunities for higher productivity. which leaves:

    Anglosphere Challenge, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • These capital-intensive, knowledge-intensive industries support high wages and have bright technological futures.

    Ian Fletcher: Why a Flat Tariff on All U.S. Imports Would Work

  • It hopes that a shift from energy-intensive towards knowledge-intensive sectors will reduce pollution and allow the country to climb up the economic value chain at the same time.

    Peter Bosshard: Will China Win the Clean Energy Race With the US?

  • But I think you're right that we're not doing enough in terms of sustainability-related enterprise, and I think that partly reflects a wider problem we have in terms of knowledge-intensive industries.

    DK Matai: Concluding Response: Nick Clegg: How to Build a New Economy?


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