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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of knowledge.


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  • You see, it's easy ... as easy as hell for those who thanks to the largesse of the deluded to take this tragedy as an opportunity to make said ill-knowledged among us somehow feel superior to people they're just a few missed paychecks and a major stumble away from being not very dissimilar to.

    Archive 2010-02-01

  • At Conscription, you were an unknown quantity to many, a breath of inspiration for others, an evangelist and ‘knowledged person’ in Social media. » Blog Archive » Perseverence and Peter Gabriel

  • I'm not much of a knowledged fan of GI Joe, but I would definitely go see this film when it's released in theaters.

    G.I. Joe Updates: Brendan Fraser and Dwayne Johnson Cameos? «

  • What ever the developing - proprietary knowledged countries, will produce and sell to the "un-knowledged countries like Mexico, if and only if they have $$ to buy these upgrades". another factoid from the book.

    Page 3

  • Yet if I should get married and it's Connecticut and snow and she gives birth to a child and I am sleepless, worn, up for nights, head bowed against a quiet window, the past behind me, finding myself in the most common of situations a trembling man knowledged with responsibility not twig-smear not Roman coin soup --

    April 2007

  • Which doesn't make them righter than we are, just differently knowledged not necessarily more.

    Greetings From Caprica

  • Do I want my president to demand what we should change and therefore go on the offensive until we win aggressively or would I rather have a president who is knowledged and experience enough to know the how to's to get the job done, to get real results, proven by experience.

    Why Should I Vote for Hillary: Hillary Supporters on Facebook

  • And David-Weill has ac - knowledged first wooing Bruce Wasserstein, who gained fame or infamy during the 1980s takeover era, as his heir apparent.

    The Fair-Haired Banker

  • Agreement that knowledged of the "target language" of the translation is more important the knowledge of the native language ...

    The Elegant Variation:

  • To them he ac — knowledged, in words of eloquent love, uiv uncle said, the honour done him by me, and by us all, in the demonstrations we had given of our tender regard for him.

    Sir Charles Grandison


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