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  • n. A form of locomotion of some primates in which they move on all fours with pressure being taken by the knuckles.


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  • Our earliest primate ancestors were no exception, whether moving in trees or knuckle-walking on the ground.

    Baby Steps: Learning To Walk, The Hominid Way

  • Lovejoy's analysis also shows that the bones in Ardi's hands and wrists were not adapted to knuckle-walking, a style of movement common to gorillas and chimpanzees, and assumed to have been used by the species that was ancestral to apes and humans.

    Catch a Pithecus by the Toe

  • N. C.'s Republican party is loaded with precisely the kind of knuckle-walking club thumpers who hate McCain for his "liberalness" and, among those who aren't, there is a lot of concern about his temper.

    Poll: Obama Might Have Shot At Flipping North Carolina

  • If Clinton is the nominee, every knuckle-walking troglodyte in the state will crawl out of the swamps to march to the polls and voted against hated "Hellary Clit-on" (I saw that name on a bumper sticker parked in front of a Mexican restaurant in Panama City Beach when I was visiting my aunt in Florida last year).

    Kansas Governor Confirms It: She's Endorsing Obama

  • By walking upright over four million years ago, the earliest hominids were already on an evolutionary track separate from even chimps and gorillas, our nearest genetic cousins, who locomote with a different kind of gait known as knuckle-walking.

    Deepak Chopra: What We Don't Know Is Thrilling

  • Clinton's candidacy will draw every last knuckle-walking troglodyte out of the swamps to vote against hated "Hellary" and Obama's candidacy will mobilize the Klan vote.

    Report: Florida Sen. Bill Nelson Will Endorse Hillary

  • I refer of course to the tragedy of Travis the Celebrity Chimpanzee (former spokes-monkey for Old Navy and Coca-Cola), brought down in a blaze of bullets as he took his last knuckle-walking stand.

    Warren Holstein: Monkey Business: Travis the Celebrity Chimpanzee Attacks!!!

  • Rather, Sen McCaskill knows that Missouri has a governor's election this go around and does not want to see Jay Nixon (D) get trounced by Matt Blunt (R - think 'GW Bush on a smaller scale') because Clinton's name on the ticket brings every knuckle-walking troglodyte out of the caves of southern and central Missouri to vote against Clinton (and for Blunt while they are at it).

    Poll: McCain, Hillary Gain Sizable National Leads

  • Moving on: I have been kept busy the last few days with Mesozoic frogs, pterosaurs (again), gazumping and aetosaurs … and I must stop knuckle-walking.

    Archive 2007-01-01

  • I learnt today that knuckle-walking is painful, despite practice.

    Archive 2006-03-01


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