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  • n. Junior member of a group in Japanese arts; mentor.


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Japanese 後輩 (こうはい, kōhai).


  • Most of the dojo scenes are like that, depicting 20th century martial arts ettiquette but, very oddly, glossing over the sempai-kohai seniority structure.

    井の中の蛙 » Young Samurai Book One (of at least three): Harry Potter Bushido » Print

  • He is the sempai (guide) to Snipes's kohai (the younger protege), and our instructor in the mysteries of the East.

    Cross-Cultural Crime Story

  • Sort of like a Japanese college acquaintance of mine who would use the English pronoun 'you' when talking to me in Japanese, because none of the implications of omae, kimi, anata, otaku, onore, kisama, etc., were quite appropriate to kohai-senpai relationship. MALAY PRONOUNS.

  • In the Japanese educational system, we can find some cultural precedent, as senior peers (sempai) are expected to tutor and mentor (and enjoy deference from) their juniors (kohai.)

    Ragnarok Musings

  • It seems to me that he's gone too far to look after his kohai


  • Eventually Hiroshi gets caught but is saved when Issei's kohai - Ichigaki Masami - shows up.

    Anime Nano!

  • Getting into anime means having your horizons broadened, learning about strange and new concepts like senpai and kohai (senior / junior in a school or organization), something that doesn't exist in English.

    J-List side blog

  • After Kanako failed her finals, she and her classmates (plus one athletic senpai and two twin-tailed kohai) help her research the town's history for a make-up paper.

    Anime Nano!

  • Contrast that with Yui's amateurism and we get an interesting senpai-kohai role reversal. Antenna

  • There are two, however, whose seeming uselessness is overshadowed by their charm - Kuga's adoring and adorable kohai, Uta-kun and Toki-kun.

    Mania News Feed


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