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  • n. Compensation points for the white player in the board game go.


From Japanese コミ (komi). (Wiktionary)


  • Thus tournament directors or some go organization set the so-called komi at 5.5 or 6.5 or 7.5 level, which means that the player of the black stones is considered to be the winner if the score of the game is greater than komi; otherwise, when the score is smaller than the komi value then the player of the white stones is considered to be the winner.

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  • About not using komi– I see the point of course, but I do think questions about what komi is “fairest” are interesting.

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  • Excuse me for being thick, but is it necessarily the case that if, say, Black forces a win by 7 points with best play in an even game, best play with a komi of 7 will lead to jigo?

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  • One consequence of using a fractional komi is that no game can have a tied score as a result, and this makes draws very rare.

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  • The really interesting thing is komi– in Go the player of white who plays second is given a number of points at the outset to compensate for playing second.

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  • I was doing yobi-komi mentioned above on the first day of the festival when a group of five or six guys came up looking like they might decide to go inside.


  • At a distance from Tobaubo doo they describe another country, which they allege as inhabited by cannibals of gigantic size, called komi.

    Travels in the Interior Districts of Africa, 1795-7

  • There's "hiyashi-komi" or cooling fish in ice-water slurry to bring down its core temperature, and "nou-jime" or puncturing the head with a metal hook causing instantaneous brain death (which keeps the rest of the fish's organs functioning, as in kaimin katsugyo).

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  • This definition of one shot component decides what the komi voltage of the coat will skate with playground to the tweak voltage.


  • I was interested to see that, although the Google issue has been widely reported on by the International press and the blogosphere, it's been ignored by the domestic masu-komi, as the news media here is called (from "mass communications").

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