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  • v. Present participle of kosher.


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  • A case in point is the 'koshering' of Reid himself, where the Council felt the need to memorialize his appointment to Council -- which they did without a resolution or roll call vote -- by a non-consent resolution at Monday's special meeting (meaning they rendered a roll call vote, which is what should have happened in the first place).

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  • Martini liked to sneak into his winery on Saturdays, when his own koshering rabbi was off the premises observing the Sabbath.


  • One of the biggest moments in the koshering of America came in 1997 when the Oreo, originally made with lard - pig fat - became kosher.

    Safer For Your Soul, But Is Kosher Healthier, Too?

  • Just how daring they were is evident from the correspondence of Rosalea Gershonowicz (issue 9, February 29, 1884), in which she complains of the rigidity of the rabbinic court in her city of Vilna, inasmuch as it prohibited the “koshering” of glassware and pots for Passover, which other cities permitted in such difficult times, when poverty was rampant and income was scarce.

    Yiddish: Women's Participation in Eastern European Yiddish Press (1862-1903).

  • Also, kosher salt is for koshering meat, i.e. drawing the impermissible blood out of a kosher-killed animal.

    Dustless black pepper.

  • This is part of the koshering process and draws the excess blood out of the bird.

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  • The salt from the koshering process is mostly rinsed off and also is rubbed on the turkey in its solid form.

    Brining the turkey

  • UPDATE: Another photo shows First Lady Laura Bush with three rabbis during the koshering of the White House kitchen that took place before preparing food for the Hanukkah reception.

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  • You know, there's a group of rabbis in the United States that have done very, very well in China just by koshering food because companies all over the world that want to import Chinese food insist that somebody look at the food, so they get it to be koshered.

    CNN Transcript May 9, 2007

  • Kosher Salt Kosher salt is salt used for the koshering process, the preparation of meats according to Jewish dietary laws p.

    On Food and Cooking, The Science and Lore of the Kitchen


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