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  • n. Alternative spelling of krona.


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  • It regards loans which were disbursed in Icelandic kronur but linked to either Swiss francs or the Japanese yen; the court has now ruled that the indexing is illegal, and that the borrowers need only to repay the loans at their initial interest rate in kronur.

    Financial Sector and Stocks Analysis from Seeking Alpha

  • In Norway, bank and money exchange terminals post notices advising that trading in Icelandic kronur has been suspended.

    The Weekly Standard Blog

  • Best of all, it was only 500 kronur, which is like $6.70.

    Groma Kolibra

  • The new deal is expected to cost Iceland just under 50 billion Icelandic kronur $444 million.

    Iceland Rejects Icesave Debt Deal

  • The Icesave debt was initially set at $5.3 billion a crippling burden for the tiny country but backers of the rejected deal said it would cost Iceland just under 50 billion kronur $444 million, with the recovered assets of Icesave's parent bank, Landsbanki, covering the majority of the debt.

    Iceland votes 'No' on repaying British, Dutch for deposits lost in failed bank

  • Last October's financial collapse caused chaos on an island that paid for its imports of cars, food and building materials with kronur that suddenly lost value.

    Iceland's EU Membership Debate Continues

  • The collapse of the currency, the krona, cascaded into disaster for businesses and households who took foreign-currency loans, and for Icelanders accustomed to buying imported cars, food and building materials with kronur.

    Iceland Votes to Try Joining EU

  • Icelandic pension plans, which the Central Bank of Iceland says collectively held 1.8 trillion kronur ($14.2 billion) at the end of August, had been conservatively managed for decades.

    Iceland's Silver Lining

  • Iceland's overstretched banks borrowed euros and pounds, and its central bank couldn't convert kronur into those currencies to bail them out.

    Crisis Builds Irish Support for EU Pact

  • In Brief Iceland on Liquidity The central banks of Sweden, Norway and Denmark said they would each provide the Central Bank of Iceland up to €500 million ($773 million) in exchange for Icelandic kronur if asked to help the nation weather the impact of the credit crunch on its economy.

    Banks Offer to Help


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