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  • September 27, 2009 at 8:44 am mia kulpa! means “my fault” in Italian.

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  • It is not my fault | _Mi ne estas kulpa pri | mee neh eh'stahss

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  • 'The original kulpa, which now stands in the first heaven, is said to have been one of the fourteen remarkable things turned up by the churning of the ocean by the gods and demons; and the name of Ram and his consort Seeter are written on the silvery trunks of all its earthly descendants.


  • If once you touch any portion of a kulpa briksha tree, you are quite safe from any animal -- that is why the wer-tiger snarled and ran away!


  • At last a clearing was reached and the kulpa-tree stood fully revealed.


  • Nearer and nearer it came, till, with a sudden spring, it burst into view -- the giant reeds and trolsees were dashed aside, and I saw standing in front of the kulpa-tree a vertical column of crimson light of perhaps seven feet in height and one or so in width.


  • The phrase "mea kulpa" apparently doesn't exist in the Zionist lexicon.

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  • You are very much | _Vi estas tre kulpa_ | vee eh'stahss treh to blame | | kool'pa

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  • As the jungle was universally held to be haunted I met no one; and in spite of my dread of the snakes, big cats, wild boars, scorpions, and other poisonous vermin with which the place was swarming, arrived without mishap at the place that had been so carefully described to me -- a circular clearing of about twenty feet in diameter, surrounded on all sides by rank grass of a prodigious height, trolsee shrubs, kulpa and tamarind-trees.


  • "Some fifty yards ahead of me, and showing their tops well above the moon-kissed reeds and bushes, were two trees -- a tamarind and a kulpa briksha.



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